"The Verandah In The Forest" is the latest addition in the Neemrana Group Stable at Matheran (Maharashtra, India) at 100 kms from Mumbai and 1 km from Matheran railway station situated near the lake
Matheran is a British-era hill station accessible by mini-train from Neral (Central Railway). Matheran is characterised by British Colonial era bungalows still maintained with zeal and enthusiasm by some Parsi owners.
Verandah is one such 19th Century bungalow in the middle of a thick forest that oozes with history and character of the era by gone. Every single article here, be it the bed or the lamp or the chairs, is an antique and a treat for those who appreciate that.

  • 11 Non AC Bedrooms each having its unique name and fervour
  • Indian, Chinese and Continental Cuisine
  • Large 20 seater table with a hall for informal conference
  • Machaan for a relaxed afternoon/evening.
  • Library with a rich collection of books on history and heritage of India.
The Verandah in the Forest has 11 rooms. Should you want two or more adjacent rooms, please make a request while booking.
The reservations office shall try its best, but all categories of rooms are not always found together.
There are 2 Rooms, 6 Grand Rooms, 2 Suites, and 1 Deluxe Suite.
Lara Dutta’s favourite – this deluxe suite is named after the Governor of Bombay who declared Matheran a hill-station: built into a turret, it was added on to the property for the daughters-in-law! It has an entrance cum study and two rooms with three single beds. The main room has a seating corner.
Named after the Petit family – prominent Parsis of Mumbai and Matheran. This is a grand room close to the lounge and with the verandah in front. It has a large double bed and an old-fashioned bathroom with the washbasins in the dressing room.
A grand room on the verandah floor with the verandah skirting it on three sides. It has two large single beds, a seating, a day bed and a study table besides a large almirah of the period. It owes its name to a well known Jewish family.
Named after the Chenoys, a prominent Parsi family, this grand room has two large single beds, a study table and a Madame Recamier easy chair.
The second room on the amazing verandah is a small suite with one single bed in the first room and two single beds in the next which leads to a large, red-floored bathroom. The two rooms have a door in between for privacy. It is named after a freedom struggle martyr, Kotwal, who was executed in 1942 by the British.
The first grand room on the garden floor with a wide, more private verandah with access to the garden level and the tree house. It is named after a prominent Hindu family of Matheran.
A grand room with 2 four-poster beds, a day bed and a writing desk. It is named after a Parsi family.
The second grand room on the garden floor. It is named after a prominent Parsi family of Matheran. It has a study table and seating besides a large red bathroom at the back.
This is literally a jungle suite facing the forest, and is away from the main building. Named after a prominent Parsi family, it has one double bed in the first room and one single in the next. Ideal for those who want to turn their back to the world – literally.
The first room on the spectacular verandah is a compact space with a decorative poster bed, and frames above to hold the mosquito nets. It is named after the Bohra builder of the Heritage Train that was commissioned in 1907.
This quiet room, hidden behind a bamboo grove, leads to a courtyard and celebrates the silence of Matheran and is named after a prominent Hindu family of Matheran.

Package for 01 Night - CP Plan (Only Breakfast)
Elphinstone Ground Deluxe Suite 3 Single Rs. 7,000 Rs. 8,000
Petit First Grand Room 1 Double Rs. 6,000 Rs. 7,000
Sassoon First Grand Room 2 Single Rs. 6,000 Rs. 7,000
Chenoy First Grand Room 2 Single Rs. 6,000 Rs. 7,000
Kotwal First Suite 3 Single Rs. 5,500 Rs. 6,500
Panday Ground Grand Room 2 Single Rs. 5,500 Rs. 6,500
Jehangir Ground Grand Room 2 Single Rs. 5,500 Rs. 6,500
Jeejeebhoy Ground Grand Room 2 Single Rs. 5,500 Rs. 6,500
Kapadia Ground Suite 1 Double, 1 Single Rs. 5,500 Rs. 6,500
Peerbhoy First Room 2 Single Rs. 4,000 Rs. 5,000
Shankershet First Room 2 Single Rs. 4,000 Rs. 5,000
19% taxes applicable on the above rates.
Please Note:
  1. No Charge for Children below 04 Yrs
  2. Extra bed Chargeable at Rs. 1,100/- (For Adult) and at Rs. 750/- (For Child) +Taxes
  3. Breakfast is included in the room tariff:
  4. 50% discount on meals for children below 10 years
  5. Fixed Menu are offered at the per head rates: Lunch. Rs. 750/-, Dinner. Rs. 750/-
  6. No Charge for Children below 04 Yrs and half rates for children below 10 Yrs
  7. Breakfast is  served  from 8:00 am to 9.30 am, Lunch from 12.30 to 2.30 Pm and Dinner From 08:00 to 10:00 Pm
  8. No room have A/C And No Swimming Pool
  9. The Verandah in the forest is locally also known as Barr House
  10. Mandatory Gala Dinner on Christmas Eve (24th Dec.) & New Year's Eve (31st Dec.) :- 1,590/- per person & Child (05 to 10 yrs) : Rs. 795/- per child
  11. Check in time: 02:00 PM/ Check out time: 12:00 Noon

Email: bombaysalesoffice@gmail.com
Mob.: +91-9833 12 9272 / +91-9833 94 1515
Timing: 10am to 6 pm (Mon to Sat) & Sunday Closed

Location: Just 1 kilometer away from the main market of Matheran
Charlotte Lake, also spelt as ‘Sharlott Lake’ is one of the most spectacular and pictorial spots to be found in the beauteous town of Matheran. Located just 1 kilometer away from the main market of Matheran, the angelic Charlotte Lake appears exceedingly ostentatious and stunning particularly in rainy season. Furnishing as the prime source of drinking water for Matheran and the surrounding region, the Charlotte Lake also exerts as the most salient and vital picnic spot of this Hill Resort. An antique and archaic temple dedicated to Lord Pisarnath is positioned to the right of the lake while the two most renowned vantage points Echo Point and Louisa Point flank the Charlotte Lake on its left. The most ideal season to pay a visit to the Charlotte Lake is monsoon when the scenic charisma of this lagoon nested amidst the lush greeneries is in its full bloom. The small milky cataracts cascading down the adjoining hills look dazzling while the all encompassing emerald blanket of verdure submerging in the gentle rains look absolutely frisky and stimulating. Innumerable domestic as well as migratory birds joyfully flying over the tarn further augment the kaleidoscopic finery of the Charlotte Lake. This lake dries up during the summers.
Location: At the distance of just 5 kilometers from Matheran
Mount Berry, a lofty precipice located at the distance of just 5 kilometers from Matheran is one of the most favorite tourist destinations around this dandy little hills station. Highly exalted amongst the vacationers for its enrapturing panoramic beauty, Mount Berry is extremely popular for the mesmerizing prospects it offers. From the top of the Mount Berry an aerial outlook of the downhill town Neral can be perceived while the adjoining Matheran Peak also looks staggering from here. The most noteworthy attraction of Mount Berry is the fantastic sight of the Matheran Toy Train slowly traversing through the verdurous woods and striding up the Matheran Hill beheld from here.
Location: Near Shivaji Ladder
One Tree Hill Point of Matheran is a peculiar mound which bears only one big Jambhul tree prominently growing on its top. The knoll receives its name after this incredible phenomenon of holding a solitary tree on its crest for decades. Even in the rainy season when the entire landscape is teeming with fresh green foliage, the unaccompanied Jambhul Tree of ‘One Tree Hill Point’ holds the grounds alone like a hermit performing austere penance. One Tree Hill Point is supposed to be the place from where the then district collector of Thane; Hugh Poyntz Malet arrived at Matheran and revealed the potential hill station to the world in 1850 AD. The way that leads to the top of the One Tree Hill Point is significantly steep and hazardous. These days adventure seekers enjoy trekking up to the One Tree Hill Point via the famous trail of Matheran; ‘Shivaji’s Ladder’ which climbs down from the hill to the plains. Apart from this thrilling venturous experience, tourists also visit this breezy and pleasing berth in order to obtain leisurely relaxation under the eccentric Jambhul Tree. From the top of the One Tree Hill Point we can also get eye catching vistas of the adjacent Tent Hill and the below laying Chowk Village.
Location: At the significant distance from the Matheran Market
Panorama Point, also reckoned as the Sun Rise Point is one of the most well liked and highly admired vantage points near Matheran. Located at the significant distance from the Matheran Market, the Panorama Point is the second last spot on the Matheran Hill Railway Route before the Toy Train reaches the Matheran Bazaar. Panorama Point commended as the greatest capacious space on any mount peak near Matheran is profoundly cherished as the perfect point to view the kudos of the rising sun from. When the juvenile vernal rays of the rising sun fall on the astounding banquette of beauty laid by nature, a spell binding pizzazz is born out of their betrothal. People gather up at the Panorama Point before the break of day to capture the majestic play of colors taking place in the azure firmament at dawn.
Panorama Point of Matheran true to its name yields a really conjuring panorama of rising sun and the surrounding terrain basking in the glory of its tender radiance. The Sun Rise Point is a wonderful locus for picnics in the cradle of loving nature. Besides, the additional attractions of the Panorama Point comprise the grand prospects of the nearby scenic sites such as Chanderi, Prabal Fort, Peb Fort, Mhas-Mal, Navara-Navari, Heart Point, Monkey Point, Porcupine Point, Louisa Point and the beautiful Ulnas River spotted from here. The enclosing cliffs on hand apart from offering the breathtaking perspectives also echo your voices. You will see people calling out the names of their dear ones from the Panorama Point. No wonder the Sun Rise Point, also famed as the 360 degree point, enjoys the distinct position in the itinerary of every visitor of Matheran.
Location: Positioned at the north western periphery of this Hill Station
Heart Point of Matheran positioned at the north western periphery of this Hill Station is a popular viewing point that offers the majestic glimpses of the verdant plains and the quiet villages laying below. Moreover, this is the spot from where the splendid outlooks of the magnificent Western Ghats and the enthralling night view of Mumbai suburbs illuminated with twinkling lights can be apprehended. Heart Point placed in the middle of opaque green woods receives its name from its geographical heart like contour. Thousands of tourists visit this vantage point and utterly fall in love with the enamoring panoramas and cool, composed and unpolluted ambience it offers. Heart Point of Matheran ideal for meditating and reposing is in fact a Utopia for nature lovers and peace seekers.
Location: Stationed at the distance of just 3 kilometers from the Matheran Post Office
Monkey Point, stationed at the distance of just 3 kilometers from the Matheran Post Office is a vantage point from where amazing spectacles of the encompassing topography can be discerned. If you face towards the Heart Point from the Monkey Point and call out you name, you will hear it being clearly echoed six to seven times. Evidently suggested by its name, this place is abundant with monkeys and they will try all their possible mischief on you like snatching your belongings and food from your hands or just attacking you for fun’s sake. Though less in population than before, these monkeys still rein this area and people generally keep Monkey Point at the bottom of their itinerary.
Location: Positioned at the walking distance from the nearby Hashya Cha Patti village
Malang Point of Matheran positioned at the walking distance from the nearby Hashya Cha Patti village is yet another look out point frequented by the tourists a great deal. This is one of the venues near Matheran from where nature’s lavish fiesta can be savored. Charming vistas of proximal hill ranges, forested valleys and tranquil villages are observed from the Malang Point. The neighboring Hashya Cha Patti village is famous for the Lord Hanuman Temple located here. The devotees of Lord Hanuman throng this temple all round the year.
Location: To the left of the well known Charlotte Lake
Louisa Point, located to the left of the well known Charlotte Lake in Matheran is one of the most notable picnic spots and a worth visiting observation points of this baroque hill station. Reckoned as a must visit tourist attraction and a favorite picnic spot, Louisa Point is particularly distinguished for the fantastic views of the ancient Prabal Fort and Vishalgarh it proposes. Apart from that, this vantage point is also applauded for the scintillating sight of the waterfall brimming with fresh rain waters perceived from here during monsoon. Besides, Louisa Point is also a vital seat at Matheran where the valley crossing adventure commenced at the Honeymoon point of Matheran terminates. Adding to this, the famous Lion’s Head Point is also located close by which receives its title after its resemblance to a lion’s head. From this point tourists and nature lovers can sight bravura parade of light at the time of sunset and the pacifying visions of the lake gardens and the beautiful waterfalls. Louisa Point and Lions Head are placed just 2 kilometers away from the Matheran Post Office and from here the Chowk Point, Echo Point, Tent Hill and the glittering lights of Mumbai at night can be seen.
Location: To the left of Charlotte Lake approximately 2 kilometers away from the heart of the town
Echo Point located to the left of Charlotte Lake approximately 2 kilometers away from the heart of the town is particularly famous for its Echo effect. As you scream out your name, you will hear the far flung valleys of Maharashtra reiterating it after you. During the post monsoon season in the months of September and October you will also get to enjoy a chimerical view of the cascading waterfalls profuse with spanking rain water.
Location: Quite close to the main market of Matheran on the M.G. Road
Khandala Point clasped amidst the Western Ghat precipices quite close to the main market of Matheran on the M.G. Road is a famous look out points from where one can get the resplendent prospects of the Garbut Point, Bhivpuri Power House, Khandala Hills and the distant Karjat town.
Location: At a distance of 2 kilometers from the town
Alexander Point set up alongside the Madhavji Road against the picturesque scrim of quaint sylvan greeneries is one of the most adored viewing points of Matheran. Experiencing the cool jungle breeze on your body and enjoying the soft and composed milieu around is what tourists indulge in at the Alexander Point. Especially popular amongst the admirers of nature and beauty, Alexander Point is also a paradise for peace seekers and philosophers. One can idly sit here for hours and feel the fondling stroke of Mother Nature. The spectacles of the deep valley laying beneath and the distant Bhivpuri Power House look exceptionally marvelous from the crown of this cliff. Moreover, Alexander Point also offers the striking tableaus of the ethereal Palasdari Lake, Garbut Point, Rambaug Point, Chowk Point, vivid Borgaon village and the winding Ulhas River.
Location: Positioned next to the celebrated Alexander Point of Matheran
The vantage point positioned next to the celebrated Alexander Point of Matheran is the famous Rambaug Point exalted for offering the 180 degree view of the surrounding terrain overloaded with nature’s grace and grandeur. Bequeathed with mind pleasing framework, calm and unspoiled ambience and eye catching sceneries, the Rambaug Point is the quintessential place to capture the glory of the setting sun from. From the Rambaug Point one can also get the majestic perceptions of the wayside hilly ranges, Karjat Town, Garbut Point and Khandala Town. The widespread lush green tapestry and the tranquil rustic ambience of Matheran draw myriads of tourists and picnickers to come and spend some leisurely time amidst the panoramic ‘mise en scene’ of the Rambaug Point. Sometimes even more liked by the tourists than the Alexander Point, Rambaug Point; a seventh heaven for a photographer is indeed a reverie actualized of an artist.
Location: Nested towards the southernmost tip of the Matheran Hilly Region
Little Chowk Point of Matheran nested towards the southernmost tip of the Matheran Hilly Region is a renowned view point highly appreciated by the vacationers for the outstanding panoramas it offers. From here one can perceive the seraphic vistas of the lofty Sahyadri Ranges, imperial Karnala, Prabal and Vishalgad Forts and the peachy Panvel Town snuggled at the footings of the Matheran Hills.
Location: 4 kilometers from the main market of the town
Entrusted with two laurels 'Porcupine Point' and 'Sunset Point', this lookout point located about 4 kilometers from the main market of the town comprises one of the most sought after tourist attractions of Matheran. The locus receives its name after its geographical silhouette resembling the form of the bird porcupine. Apart from the sumptuous glimpses of the surrounding landscapes captured from here, this site is predominantly reckoned for the marvelous views of the setting sun witnessed from here. The radiance of the sun diminishing against the backdrop of the saffron blue azure and the pageant of chroma painted in the empyrean sky look fantabulous from the Sunset Point of Matheran. Additional attractions of the Porcupine Point are the famous Cathedral Rocks positioned to the west of the Sunset Point. Moreover, the imposing Prabal Fort is also visible from here. Blessed with dense thickets, pleasing ambience and impressive natural elegance the Porcupine Point is a niche highly frequented by the tourists all round the year.
Location: About 5 kilometers from the heart of the town
Garbut Point of Matheran situated about 5 kilometers from the heart of the town is a comparatively secluded and less visited vantage point. Flanked by a gorgeous valley on one side and the thick jungle on the other Garbut Point is a place from where enthralling views of sunrise and sunset can be observed.
Location: Close to the Charlotte Lake
King George Point of Matheran located close to the Charlotte Lake is the observation point from where the stunning waterfalls created from the waters of the Charlotte Lake can be spotted. During the rainy season when the excessive waters of the Charlotte Lake overflow, this flooded water forms enchanting cascades that gush down the verdant plateaus of Matheran. From the King George Point the mesmerizing view of these waterfalls can be captured. During the monsoon season this vantage point is cram packed with the tourists trying to print the spell binding spectacle of the surging waterfalls on the vellum of their heart. Some of the adventurous tourists also venture to the mouth of the cataracts and witness the awesome phenomenon of wind preventing the water from falling down and throwing it back.
Olympia Race Course of Matheran, one of the high altitude race courses in India is a paramount attraction of this hill station. The Horse Riding Competitions organized in Matheran are some of the most electrifying and thrilling events held here. Tourists particularly arrive here during the summer vacations to witness the best of the horses and horse riders in action. Professional horse riders from Mumbai and Pune participating in these races augment the vivacity of this entire affair.
Location: Nestled atop the flat summit of the haughty Prabal Hills in the proximity with the Matheran Hill Station
Prabal Fort, nestled atop the flat summit of the haughty Prabal Hills in the proximity with the Matheran Hill Station is one of the most archaic monuments sustaining in this part of Sahyadri Mountain Ranges. Visible from almost all the vantage points of Matheran, Prabal Fort; the testimony of the meritorious Maratha rule in Maharashtra is now almost in ruins. This legendary fort once possessed by the Mughals was conquered by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj from them and as suggested by the testimonials, the fort was rich with boundless treasure when subjugated. This stronghold of immense historical importance today retains two gateways, eleven towers and a small water lagoon. Though the gateways of the garrison were destroyed in the battles of 1818 to a certain extent, the walls of four towers still stand proudly singing the sagas of the glorious yesteryears of Maratha Sovereignty.
Location: A jungle trail Initiating at the One Tree Hill Point and terminating at the Matheran Valley
Shivaji’s Ladder, one of the most remarkable attractions of Matheran is a jungle trail that features steps like formation creating the semblance of a ladder. Initiating at the One Tree Hill Point and terminating at the Matheran Valley, this pavement named after the great Maratha emperor Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is believed to have used by him to reach Matheran for hunting operations and pleasure trips. Shivaji’s Ladder was also used by local tribes of this region for traveling in the interior parts of the Matheran Forest. This historical pathway was rediscovered by the then district collector of Thane; Hugh Poyntz Malet in May 1850. It is supposed that Malet reached Matheran climbing this ladder itself. Today the Shivaji’s Ladder; enclosed by lush green woods of Western Ghats is acclaimed as one of the most adored trekking trails of Matheran. Adventure enthusiasts make it a point to explore the woods of Matheran through Shivaji’s Ladder.
Location: On the left banks of the unruffled Charlotte Lake
Pisharnath Temple positioned on the left banks of the unruffled Charlotte Lake is a noteworthy religious destination sited in the pretty township of Matheran. Ornamented by lush greeneries on all the sides, this Hindu shrine dedicated to Lord Pisharnath beckons number of devotees to this holy berth. It is believed amongst the locals that Lord Pisharnath possesses the power of bestowing the good fortunes upon his devotees. The velvety lawns surrounding the temple premises tender a tranquil place for the travelers to repose and relax in the vicinity of Charlotte Lake. From here the dazzling Charlotte Lake appears incredibly magnificent and splendid.
Location: At the distance of 30 kilometers from Matheran
Morbe Dam, located at the distance of 30 kilometers from Matheran is one of the famous picnic spots near this hill resort for the tourists from Mumbai, Pune and Matheran itself. Constructed across the Dharavi River in the year 2006, this water reservoir is spread over the total surface area of about 9780 square kilometers. Perched at the elevation of nearly 194 feet above the sea level, the Morbe Dam is one of the medium altitude dams of the state. The construction work of the dam started in the year 1999 under the patronage of Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran which aimed at providing abundant water supply to the neighboring regions.
Location: About a kilometer from the Neral Matheran Road now other portals sight seeing images
Paymaster Park of Matheran commended for its varieties of flowers is a beautiful garden celebrated for its historic significance. Brilliantly landscaped grounds and stylishly arranged benches of this park lure its visitors to recline here for a while and leisurely sip the artistry of nature. The garden houses the attention seizing statues of Hugh Poyntz Malet and S. L. Panday.
Location: Located close to the 'State Game Lands'
Panther’s Caves of Matheran located close to the ‘State Game Lands’ is a cave complex that accommodates a cluster of 30 caves. A superb getaway for the adventure enthusiasts, these caves bearing rappels inside are quite interesting to be explored. Some of the caves are dry while some of them are muddy and wet. In some caves there are only rocks. You can just walk over in some caves while others make you to stoop and crawl.

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